I translate from all regional varieties of Portuguese and from Danish into English, which may well seem a strange combination! 

I studied Danish and German as an undergraduate, and then lived and worked in Brazil, where I learned Portuguese and did my first translation and interpreting work. I love both Portuguese and Danish – it’s just how things worked out.

I like to work mainly with creative texts – in marketing, the arts and humanities, tourism and general business. I also do health related work, including regular medical reports and health-based market research studies.  

Literary translation, non-fiction and children’s books are also strong interests – see below for further details.

Please get in touch if you have a translation project that suits my profile.

My translation of short story “Garopaba mon Amour” by Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu was published in the 2018 Brazil edition of Manoa – Pacific Journal of International Writing. 

In 2015 I studied with Margaret Jull Costa at City University’s translation summer school. Our group co-translated short story “The Silence” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, later published in this anthology of Portuguese women writers.

I have translated and transcribed several interviews for Latin American Bureau, as part of the Voices of Latin America and Women Resisting Violence projects. 

I have translated excerpts from this first novel by Danish author Lotte Kirkeby, with the author’s permission. One was featured in Danish focus week on Translators Aloud. English rights available/seeking a publisher. 

Read a short passage here: Our Nearest and Dearest

In 2020 I attended BCLT Translation Summer School.

In the Danish workshop we worked with writer Christina Hesselholdt to translate her nature essay ‘Up We Soar—Like the Planet’s Butterflies’ – and recorded it as a group for Translators Aloud. 

In 2020 I collaborated with Danish author Trisse Gejl, on a translation of her short story “The Street.”

Read it here with author bio and brief translator’s note.

“Language is powerful, almost magic, and the smallest alteration can elevate a sentence or be its undoing.”

Dorthe Nors, from “MIRROR, SHOULDER, SIGNAL,” translated by Misha Hoekstra

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