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I speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese and interpret regularly for public service interpreting agencies in Scotland, particularly in the Edinburgh and Fife areas. I am accustomed to working with people from Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries and I am practised in the use of both consecutive and whispered interpreting techniques.

Mostly, my work is related to health and community services, and I also work in business and tourist settings – please get in touch if you have an interpreting assignment which you would like to discuss.

“A word can protect or it can destroy…a word in the mouth holds the same power as an arrow poised in the bow”

Kaka Werá Jecupé, “A Terra dos Mil Povos”

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Please get in touch with any questions or to request a quote.
Email jennifer@florescer.co.uk  or call on +44 7728 735818.

Other Florescer Services



 I work with almost all text types in Portuguese, and with all varieties of Portuguese. I also translate from Danish into English in some fields. 


Proofreading & Writing

Florescer offers proofreading services for all kinds of English texts, be that business, marketing or personal texts and communications.