Portuguese <> English interpreting.

I speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese, having lived in Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia.

I interpret regularly in public service settings in Scotland, where I am centrally based, with easy access to both Edinburgh and Glasgow. I also do remote video or telephone interpreting. 

I have spent time in Portugal too, and regularly interpret spoken European Portuguese and other national/regional variations. I am practised in the use of both consecutive and whispered interpreting techniques.

I hold the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (Health) and while most of my work is in health and community services, I also do business and tourist interpreting. 

Please get in touch if you have an assignment you would like to discuss.

“A word can protect or it can destroy…a word in the mouth holds the same power as an arrow poised in the bow”

Kaka Werá Jecupé, “A Terra dos Mil Povos”
portuguese interpreter

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