7. Games

“Project updates. K. – developments your side?”

“All quiet.  There are minor conflicts, but managed calmly. I stand by the model, it’s working well, they snuffed the virus very quickly, for example.”

“Excellent. Over to J. What’s your latest? Absolute carnage as usual?”

“Funny. Someone had to get the short straw didn’t they, hilarious.”

“Touchy,” G. smiles. “Carry on.”

“The place is half shut, virus spreading. All arguing what’s best. Nuttier leaders blaming each other, the worst playing politics or fumbling and confusing. Some took advantage to abuse and tighten controls, pull off sneaky deals. The rich are making money off it, the poor taking the brunt. Lots of lower level problems and tensions rising to the surface. Very messy. Although… good things too: creativity, kindnesses, resilience, and laughs.  Some have nailed it – sensibly and logically working together, strong leaders, effective action.”

“What makes them different?”

“Hmm. Some talk of it being where females are in charge. Something to be said for that theory actually.”

G. chips in: “I always said that whole fragile, male ego dominance in your project would run riot. That narcissistic, sociopathic power-mania, again largely the males. A flawed breed. Should have pruned that out early.

“It’s the empathy question”, says K. That’s the difference. Mine are extreme empaths. And they’ve control and no capacity for greed and desire.

“Alright, K.”, sighs J. “You had it all sussed. Marvellous.  But you must admit, yours is quite dull. My planet is much more entertaining. And it’s not over yet. They might claw back from the brink.”



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