8. Storm

Gathering her brows like gathering storm

Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.

Who likes being that sullen, sulky dame? I’ve wondered if some women cultivate it – pitting themselves daily against their blethering, blustering blellums.  I’ve seen that, I suppose. But surely, most despise it, as I despise if I am ever assigned that role: the wee wifie, patrolling her man. Is he “allowed” out? He’ll not come, she’s got him under the thumb.  He’s got a ‘free pass’ on Saturday. Hen-pecked.

The myth that men’s family time is duty more than choice, patrolled by women who conversely don’t crave similar escape from the domestic. When is this vocabulary used for women having a night out or spending time on a hobby?  Are references made to the male ‘releasing’ them?  Home life is rife with double standards between the genders. And that’s just the beginning.

The so-called science, mars and venus, pink and blue, how much damage done? Typical girl, that’s what boys do, you know what women are like, boys will be boys, a man look, a blonde moment, man up, run like a girl.  Each cliché trying to pass unseen drops another element into the gathering storm, and this dame seethes quietly about everything we face and always have, women and girls: assumptions, limitations, restrictions and dangers. Jokes, violence, humiliations, inequality. The clichéd nonsense both genders peddle time and again, and to the detriment of both. Many people seem quite at home with that. I would like to dismantle it, wipe clean: see what else is possible.

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