Portuguese to English

and Danish to English

Translation, interpreting & writing

Translation, proofreading and writing in an English that allows your words to blossom and your project to  thrive and prosper. 

Communicating your message accurately is key to letting the world understand your business and your values. You must want to be represented by language that is accurate, elegant and faithful to your style – be that your website, press releases, training materials, internal documents, or even your novel!

Having always been fascinated with the quirks and subtleties of language, Florescer will take care to get your message exactly right, so you and your English-speaking audience understand each other perfectly.


“Language is powerful, almost magic, and the smallest alteration can elevate a sentence or be its undoing”

Dorthe Nors, "Mirror, Shoulder, Signal," translated by Misha Hoekstra

I work with all varieties of Portuguese and also do written translation from Danish into English. I do medical and health translations, marketing and publicity materials and creative writing and literature, among other things. 

I interpret between Portuguese and English, usually in health and community settings, but also in business and tourism.

If you are looking for other language combinations, I may be able to put you in touch with a colleague who can provide that service.

Investing in good writing and quality communications will bear fruit.  One of the reasons I translate is that I love to write in English, so if you are looking for help with content writing, blog pieces, business and publicity communications of any sort, or just need a second pair of eyes to check over your content, do get in touch. I offer a direct, personalised service, with clear and prompt communications. I look forward to hearing from you.


"It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Jennifer Alexander. She is a very competent professional, whose translations are of high quality. She keeps impeccably to deadlines, even in "emergency" cases, and is extremely friendly. I hope we will continue to work together for many years."

Constança Boléo – Vernáculo, Lda. Tratamento de Texto e Apoio Editorial