florescer [floreˈser]

v. 1. to bloom, blossom;  2. flourish,  thrive, prosper

Portuguese and Danish to English translation

Portuguese <> English interpreting

face-to-face, remote video or telephone

“Language is powerful, almost magic, and the smallest alteration can elevate a sentence or be its undoing.”


Jennifer Alexander is a professional freelance translator and interpreter, based in Scotland.

After studying German and Danish as an undergraduate, Jennifer lived and worked in Brazil, where she learned Portuguese and further cemented her love of languages and of bridging cultural barriers. 

While Danish and Portuguese may seem an odd combination,  that’s just how things worked out!  And she loves working with both.

Florescer’s logo was inspired by this yellow blossom tree – the ipê-amarelo – which is the national tree of Brazil. 

"It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Jennifer Alexander. She is a very competent professional, whose translations are of high quality. She keeps impeccably to deadlines, even in "emergency" cases, and is extremely friendly. I hope we will continue to work together for many years."

Constança Boléo – Vernáculo, Lda. Tratamento de Texto e Apoio Editorial